China's First Innovation Park Becomes Birthplace for International Green Standard

“China Gui’an Innovation Park”, the first park themed ecological civilization in China is being bred in Gui’an New Area. Strolling along the Innovation Park, one will be presented with a collection of sponge facilities including pervious macadam, rainwater permeability zone, pervious plank road, and gabion retaining wall, and be refreshed by the green plantation and fresh air.

On 7 February 2015, THHDG, BRE and Gui’an New Area signed the trilateral cooperation agreement, signifying the actual implementation of innovation park to be constructed in China, which serves as the very first project of China’s innovation park network—China Gui’an Innovation Park.

“There are only five innovation parks of this kind in the world,” Said Jia Liang, deputy general manager of Zhiqing Innovation Park Operation and Management Co., Ltd in Gui’an New Area. But in Asia, there is only one as China Gui’an Innovation Park.

By applying passive techniques as tunnel wind system and double-layered external wall maintenance system fitting Gui’an’s natural climate, and active techniques as biomass boiler heating system and solar photoelectric and photo-thermal with priority in those buildings within the Park, it can reduce building energy construction, promote indoor comfort, and simultaneously boost the integration application and tracking study of green technology. In the meantime, nearly ten ecological and intelligent technologies involving ultralow energy consumption hvac system, energy saving coating, energy saving doors and windows, intelligent control system and in-door micro-ecological regulating system, as well as internationally leading ecological technologies as maglev air conditioner and rock wool ceiling, etc. have also been utilized.

Facilities as integrated 4G wireless private network and intelligent operation and management system, combined with intelligent control system for environment quality, can conduct real-time and all-round surveillance on the operating condition of all the buildings, and three-dimensional visualization management on in-door environment and air quality. The Park will facilitate the interconnection and optimization research of Britain’s BREEAM standard and China’s Green Architecture Evaluation Standard (three-star), making contributions to the development of global ecological civilization.

The development and construction of Gui’an Innovation Park marked the significant progress of Sino-British cooperation in “greenization”. The future Gui’an Innovation Park will be a green and low-carbon science and technology exposition which lasts forever, a birthplace for international green standard and a practice model for the future-oriented new-type urbanization.

First ecological demonstration building in China Gui’an Innovation Park—Qingyi Hall

Source: Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area