Ecological Civilization: Towards the New Era of Green Development

Pingzhai in Spring

Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area “Half landscape and half city” can fully depict Gui’an in the early spring, where everything returns to life, with verdant trees and blooming flowers displaying vigor and vitality. Following the creed that “green mountains and clear waters” equals “golds and silvers”, Hui’an New Area chose the development model of “low impact”, contributing to the gradually well-established international ecological city of landscape and idyll integrated by mountains, rivers, lakes, green galleries and cities and towns.   

 “Emotional nature and rational city” can explicitly summarize Gui’an. By highly embellishing Gui’an with three major decorations of “embracing mountains in the city, and holding water for the lakes”, “establishing the city and its spirits with culture”, and “bringing painting to the city and depicting views across the area”, it takes the lead in manifesting ecological landscape of mountainous features in urban construction, safeguarding the four bottom lines of mountain, sky, water and field.

 “Exploring typical model of ecological civilization construction feasible for replication and promotion nationwide” serves both as the prospects of Gui’an New Area and the impetus for its future development. Aiming at constructing landscape across the area, Gui’an New Area is taking pains to accelerate the construction of “a myriads of rivers and mountains” urban ecological system which links the waters, circles the mountains, and integrates the landscape in a glamourous way, and the construction of Gui’an glowed with nostalgia preached by the doctrine “Tao models itself after nature”.

In Aug. 2016, Guizhou Province was listed in the first batch of national ecological civilization pilot zones along with Fujian Province and Jiangxi Province. The Upgrading of ecological civilization construction to the level of national strategy instills more determination and stamina to Gui’an New Area, which has practiced the ecological civilization concept in its entire development and construction process.

Source: Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area