First Ecological Free Trade Zone in China Built by Gui'an

The establishment of Gui’an Free Trade Zone was approved by State Council in Jan. 2015 and checked and accepted by the Chinese government in Dec. 2015. With an incredible s peed, Gui’an Free Trade Zone completed its construction on 30 March, 2016.

Given the priority to the ecological system, Gui’an Free Trade Zone will be the first zone that has been planned and constructed based on the concept of ecotype. It would not only focus on the development, but also the ecology.

Among the limited area of Gui’an Free Trade Zone of 2.2 square kilometre, there’s an ecological forest with the area of about 66,666.5 square metres and an ecological water system as well. The green coverage rate is as high as 16.5% in Gui’an Free Trade Zone.

Enjoying a broad terrain and superior ecological environment, Free Trade Zone is located in the core area of transportation junction in Gui’an New Area, which always gives priority to ecological-friendly.

Gui’an Free Trade Zone planned to emphasize on both ecology and development. Based on ecological concept and architectural scene, Gui’an Free Trade Zone integrated the concepts of green, cycle, and low carbon and try to manufacture all the facilities through green, environmental-friendly, and energy-efficient technology.

On one hand, it preserved the natural scene of forests, mountains, greenbelts, and rivers; on the other hand, it expanded the green space to make green coverage rate up to 16.5%.

At the same time, Gui’an Free Trade Zone should actively follow the opening-up strategy in China by fully taking advantage of the zone itself.

To begin with a good start, it should set up a high position with efficient operation in a creative-development mode, and thus to intensify the efforts to attract foreign investment and improve the ability of resource integration.

With the policy support, Gui’an Free Trade Zone should account for the development of central Guizhou Province, Southwestern China and international market. It would make use of both the domestic and international markets to establish the Zone into a demonstration plot for the transformation and upgrading of the processing trade, a centre gathered various kinds of opening factors, and a leading area for inland open economy.

Source: Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area