First-Rate Urban Comprehensive Development Operator

D&I to construct "A Body and Two Wings" core business pattern

​​Gui'an New Area, a new modern city emerging in Guizhou province, witnesses sea changes every day, and is taking shape day by day.

The whole development can never be separated from one company-- GuiAn New District Development and Investment Co., Ltd. (GuiAn D&I). As the operation executor, and the pace settle for the development and construction, industrial development, investment and financing, the company has been the major driving force for these enormous changes.

The year 2017 is a critical year for GuiAn D&I to comprehensively deepen reform, a starting year to launch and implement transformation and development strategy, and also an important year to vigorously conduct cost management, and raise development quality and profit.

Development priority: Urban development business

Urban comprehensive development and operation business symbolized by projects including Machang Science and Technology Town urban complex, Beidouwan Kaiyuan Hotel, Industrial Park high-end talents apartment, public rental housing, and green financial harbor have been steadily promoted, and the company’s self-owned real estate have reached 736,300 m2.

Based on preliminary prediction, in 2017 the company will achieve RMB3.2 billion in real estate sales revenue (including settlement building sales).

Next, the company will prioritize the development of urban comprehensive development business represented by real estate development, cultivate and establish top urban comprehensive development operators, and construct "three major platforms" including real estate development platforms, project construction platforms and urban operation platforms to enormously promote the urban values of Gui'an New Area.

Sustained promotion    Financial Service Innovation

Founded in 2013, GuiAn Financial Investment Co., Ltd. is a level-A subsidiary of GuiAn G&I. For four years, the company has been actively innovating investment and financing pattern, optimizing investment and financing structure and vigorously promoting the transition of indirect investment and financing to the direct, thus reducing the financing cost to 5.89 percent, down by 2.52 percent points compared to that of three years ago.

At present, the company has formed the major practice of debt financing strongly supported by funds financing, developed the diversified financing modes effectively aided by credit financing, and completed the top-level design that transforms a financing and investment company into a financial holding group, thus laying a solid foundation for the sustained promotion of innovative development in "financial holding+funds" financial business section.

In the future, the company will accelerate its "3+N" financial holding group development pattern.

Transformation development of financial holding group from previous financing and investment company will be promoted, and strategic financial licenses as securities, insurance, banks, and various auxiliary financial licenses including finance lease, business factoring, small loan guarantee, and insurance broker will be acquired, in order to construct various flexible, effective capital pool and offer strong capital support to the company's urban comprehensive development operation business and industrial investment business.

Three major fund platforms will be constructed on the basis of new urbanization construction funds, and newly emerging industrial funds, along with the accelerated construction of land development funds.

By means of the three fund platforms, the company will establish an industrial full life-cycle investment system from entrepreneur investment funds to strategic investment funds, strengthen the construction of investment decision-making, risk control and professional teams, enhance the operation capabilities and level of various links including "raising, investment, management and refund," and vigorously build financial service providers with high capital operation capabilities, market management and control and operation mechanism, and high-level professional teams.

"Three bigs and One new" industrial cluster promotion

Four four years, GuiAn D&I have been focusing on the industry of "Three bigs and One new" industry (big data, big health, big tourism and new energy new materials), which have promoted industrial cluster when the stable investment payback is achieved in accordance with the industrial chain map.

At present, the company has basically developed the "1+4" industrial development pattern led by urban comprehensive development and operation and supported by "Three bigs and One new" industry, and has invested 11 industrial project by means of fund introduction with an investment scale of RMB2 billion and predicted annual yield of over 20 percent.

From now on, the company will optimize its industrial investment pattern.

By the dual architectural pattern of "industrial investment mother-funds + professional industry baby-funds," it will gradually construct mature and well-established entrepreneur investment, equity investment, M&A investment, strategic investment, industrial investment and full cycle industrial investment system.

It will pace up the promotion of professional expertise and market level of the industrial funds team, advance industrial funds' full realization of market-oriented operation, strengthen risk control, and raise investment profits.

It will accelerate the development of "Three bigs and One new" industrial chain, seize the strategic opportunity period for the vigorous development of digital economy, tourist economy and green economy in the whole province, and strenuously enhance the industrial chain map by integrating the industrial layout of the "Three bigs and One new."

It will capture the investment nodes of various industrial chains, integrate industrial factor resources, build industrial development platforms, and promote the the clustered development of the “Three bigs and One new” industry in Gui'an New Area.

Source: Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area