Guian Cloud Has a Good Talk About Prospect Digital Economy Wins the Future

On July 13, in the Cloud dialogue session for “Guizhou Cloud”, a global summit of cooperative partners, some of its relevant heads for business signatories gathered together to have a good talk about superiority and opportunities for industrial development of big data in Guizhou and Guian.

Participants thought that digital economy brings new development ideas, development motivation, economic form and brand new life experience; and that Guizhou seizes this historic opportunity, makes general reforms, catches up from behind, and gradually becomes a rising land for development of global big data. It is exactly because it cooperates, shares and innovates with world renowned frontier enterprises, today Guizhou stands in the forward position in the field of global big data.

Representatives of Tencent thought Guizhou establishes a gathering place of information industry based on big data and cloud computing by means of superiority in prior to implementation and attempt in the field of big data, in its platform and resources. This will effectively promote a large number of data resources to gather in Guizhou, forming a Cloud ecosphere spreading all over southwest China and even the world. Tencent expressed thanks for the support from Guizhou, and was full of expectation and pamper imagination for cooperation in the coming five years.

For 3 years when it developed big data, Guizhou made great endeavor in the construction of data center, optical network transformation, broadband acceleration, broadband and mobile signal coverage in rural areas. In this June, the national Internet backbone straight point in Guian, Guiyang was officially completed and put into operation, which makes the infrastructure of big data in Guizhou more perfect. Representatives from Digital China said Guizhou brings new opportunity for them in specific project “three industry integration, transformation, and upgrade” (Industrial 4.0 Conversion).

Huawei representatives thought that their global private center of Cloud data is located in Guizhou, and this shows it is a place of strategic importance for developing their Cloud computing and big data, and the first choice for Huawei Cloud to establish themselves in southern China and spread all over Southeast Asia.

Guizhou Cloud Company is a core platform for Guizhou to implement strategic action of big data and build comprehensive test area of national big data. It is the only one initiating and strategic state-owned enterprise in big data, whose establishment is approved by Guizhou provincial government. For the company, cooperation with leading companies will further expand its communication and exchanges with international Internet enterprises, introduce advanced industry resources, and constantly perfect ecological system of big data; moreover, it will help industrial development and exploration of big data.

It is said that Guizhou will provide perfect foundation of policy, efficient services, builds high-end and good quality platform and expand a broad market for all cooperative partners with an open mind and adventurous spirit. And Guizhou will be made into “Silicon Valley” in big data era, whose test will become a global test, and exploration will become global exploration.

Source: Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area