Gui'an: First-Rate New Region with Long History

​​The Gui’an New Region (a new area between Guiyang and Anshun cities, Guizhou Province), with grand mountains, limpid water and clear clouds, is determining to develop in an innovative way. Based on two bottom lines – development and ecology, it is pursuing a premium, green and intensive development path. Its firm determination and practical action can speed up its pace to become a pioneer demonstration area that puts the Five Development Concept (innovation, coordination, friendly environment, openness and sharing) into practice.

Resolutely, Gui’an aims to build a new stage for economic growth without lowering its development standard. By insisting a premium development way and refusing a low and inefficient path, it will accelerate the development of five new major industries and the construction of new platforms for innovation and business starting.

Besides, it carefully saves green resources, and scientifically sets 6 protection zones referring to water source, forest, river & lake & wetland, basic farmland, ecological management area and scenic spot, which are hoped to become precious landmarks for the region. It contains 2626 hills, 14 rivers, 131 lakes, 515 ponds and 219 underground springs. What’s more, some major leaders of the corresponding areas will be responsible for the governance of 7 main rivers and water areas.

Notably, it aims to become a landscape and sponge city with grand mountains, clean water and distinct and attractive local culture in a clustered and coordinated development way. In regards to the spatial layout, it must respect and stick to some basic principles, including the natural law, the integration of nature and human as well as the thought of people oriented.

As a national sponge city pilot (only Gui’an is situated in an uncompleted region in the country), the following pictures are to be seen – the rainwater and sewage can be recycled; the land is free from contamination; and the ground tile can absorb water. At that time, the residents here will live a life without water accumulation when it rains lightly, without waterlogging when it rains heavily, without black and smelly water, and with eased urban heat island effect.

According to a green development report of Gui’an, this area has been experiencing great changes – the green development method is formed, the green development mechanism is established, the green production, lifestyle and ecological layout are witnessed, the green culture system is built, and the green urban architecture is promoted. By 2030, remarkably, it aims to become an ecological civilisation demonstration region and a landscape ecological city with international influence.

Source: Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area