[Gui'an in Three Years] Constructing High-Standard Region-Based Tourism

As a national new district, Gui’an New Area aims at developing high-level and high-standard tourism. As the Gui’an New Area Overall Plan explicitly mentioned, it is necessary to fully utilize the advantages in the natural landscape and national human resources, exhibit original ecological culture charm, and promote transformation and upgrading of tourism component, thus constructing international advanced tourism system with Guizhou features and exploring new development path by integrating ethnic culture and tourism.

For the past three years, Gui’an New Area has closely centered on the three major orientations, Guizhou Province Tourist Center and Service Base, Southwest Mountainous Eco Tourism and Holiday Destination, National Eco-culture Tourism Innovation and Development Demonstration Area, stuck to “region-based linkage, features orientation and innovative development”, and transformed advantageous tourist resources into product advantages and market advantages to construct international advanced tourist destination and holiday resort with Guizhou features.

Centering on establishing functional layout of international holiday resort, Gui’an New Area vigorously strengthens investment promotion by introducing a series of internationally high-standard and premium projects of leisure tourism and tourism destination as Swiss Town, Spring Town, Lehua International City and ASEAN Town. It also actively constructs Guizhou International Town Comprehensive District &International Hotel Exchange Platform and will build National Tourism Training Center by holding the Summer Summit of World Tourism Forum. 

In the meanwhile, Gui’an New Area accelerates the infrastructure construction of its scenery spots and tourism project construction, highlighting its standard of “one lake, one scenery, one feature, one brand, fast entrance and leisure tour” for the synthesis of “food, lodging, transportation, entertainment, shopping and touring”, thus unceasingly enhancing the glamour of Gui’an New Area.

According to the planning, Gui’an New Area will complete the construction of Gui’an International Tourism Leisure Resort at the end of the 13th Five-year Plan Period, and realize the region-based tourism with over 15 million person-time tourists and over RMB10 billion in tourist income.

Source: Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area