[Gui'an in Three Years] Talents and Policies Make It Vigorous

In April this year, the Innovative Garden in the College Town was officially put into use, becoming another third-level business incubation platform constructed in the College Town after Gui’an Makers Alliance Headquarter Base. Soon after its completion, Zhaojun, a recruited entrepreneur from Guizhou University of Finance and Economics moved his start-up enterprise into the Innovative Garden, attempting to develop new teaching system on a larger platform for his entrepreneurial dream.

Currently, emerging industrial enterprises involving big data and massive health areas like Shanghai BigData and Winnerlook have already settled in the Innovative Garden of the College Town which has also been equipped with Micro-Enterprise Platform for College Students, Training & Practice Base for College Students and service center to offer one-stop quick services from relevant departments for the sake of the entrepreneurs. Based on preliminary statistics, there are 239 new star-up enterprises in the Innovative Garden, of which 60 are college students’ start-ups, receiving RMB29.4 million supporting loans of various kinds.  

Let innovation and entrepreneurship become common practice. Apart from the Innovative Garden, in the College Town there are also recruited entrepreneur space established by 8 colleges and universities, supported by government, enterprises and universities, aiming to provide diversified exchange, learning and achievement transformation platforms for college students, and help them build successful enterprises.

Over three years, by means of constructing innovative demonstration base, and supportive platforms for innovation and entrepreneurship, the College Town constantly removes the barriers in the system and mechanism for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, striving to build “Gui’an Innovation-driven Pioneering District, a west place to realize entrepreneurial dream”, and turning its talents, knowledge and technology-intensive advantages into economic development strength.

Over three years, the College Town, in accordance with the requirement of constructing ecological new town, accelerated the construction of the “Two Rivers and Two Gardens Project” and landscape construction in nearby mountains, actively carried out the underground comprehensive pipe gallery and sponge city trial, and upgraded the overall planning and constructing level of the College Town in an all-round way, thus retaining talents with picturesque ecological environment.

Currently, the construction land area of the College Town amounts to 10 km2, with 41km distributary network and 150,000 college teachers and students settled within. In the meanwhile, supporting facilities as Gui’an International Cinema City of China Film Group, and schools for compulsory education attached to Guizhou Normal University have been started for construction. Hopefully, three years will secure a preliminary success and five years will guarantee a town of knowledge, of science and of entrepreneurship with pillar industries as big data, massive health and culture creativity.

Source: Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area