Gui'an Innovation Valley, a Brand-New Weather Vane

Park of University Town in Gui'an New Area

The Shuangchuang Street (innovation- and entrepreneurship-oriented) in Gui’an New Area officially came into service on 12th October. Through establishing Maker Factory, Dream Space, and Incubation Platform, it would provide entrepreneurs with communication spaces and arouse a great upsurge in innovation and entrepreneurship in Gui’an New Area.

Maker Economy—Seizing the Tendency of the Era

Implementing innovation-driven strategy is an inevitable choice to cultivate and promote the new power of economic and social development, and it is also an effective way to stimulate the innovation potential and entrepreneurial energy of the society.

Gui’an New Area aimed to build a number of open maker spaces with low cost, convenience and total factors. The area would focus on supporting the development of industries like large-scale agriculture, grand tour, big culture, enlarged health, comprehensive education, big data, internet +, and new finance.

At the same time, it would also build an innovative chain based on industry chain and thus to achieve mass innovation and entrepreneurship—from rural to urban areas and from school to industrial park; moreover, the New Area emphasized on developing characteristic maker spaces and establishing maker brands.

Among the existing maker spaces, CloudInnovation Space, High-End Making Space, Quantum Dream Maker, and Jiashidu are all themed around big data, high-end instrument making, cultural innovation and medical health, which fully presented their characteristics and differences. The headquarters of Gui’an Maker Alliance became a comprehensive maker space with a combination of electronic information, big culture, large-scale agriculture, and grand tour, and it was identified as “Provincial-level Maker Space of Guizhou” by the Science and Technology Bureau of Guizhou Province..

Platform Support—Forging the Ecosystem for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

As one of the first demonstration bases for innovation and entrepreneurship in China, Gui’an New Area has already gathered 11 incubation platforms and 30 service providers, with the incubation area of 330,000 square meters and 393 incubating enterprises. It founded Gui’an Maker Bank, introduced seven fund investment enterprises, set up one credit insurance company, cultivated more than 7,000 market players, and established one-stop service centre for innovation and entrepreneurship. And the embryo of the ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship took initial shape in the New Area.

Source: Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area