Gui'an New Area: A Green and Grand New Chapter of Big Data

Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area from China is introducing the New Area Gui'an to the public for investment opportunities.

​It has emerged a grand new trend in terms of the site selection of the data centre of IT magnates all across the world: looking for the small towns with pleasant weather and beautiful scenery rather than metropolis.

Lenoir, a town with the population of only 18 thousand located in North Carolina, the US, has already turned to be a data centre for Google, Facebook, and Apple. The town has also developed the supporting industries due to the spring up of the data centre, and thus successfully achieved its industrial transformation.

While in China, a quite similar story may occur among Gui’an New Area, which has been located as an important economic growth pole of southern China, a new platform for the ecologically developed economy of the inland, the demonstration plot of ecological civilization, and the core area for developing the big data industries in Guizhou Province.

Currently, there are several magnates of the industry located in the Area: China Telecom and China Unicom invested RMB4 billion and RMB6 billion respectively for establishing Cloud Computing Centre at the national level and China Mobile invested RMB2 billion for building the regional big data centre.

Moreover, the Area and Qualcomm have agreed to officially sign a strategic cooperation agreement on 17th January 2016 for investing the chip of ARM architecture server and, as a result, established Huaxintong Datacenter Technologies Digital ASIC Design Team so as to undertake the technology transfer of the server chips of Qualcomm.

It has reported that the Area will further establish a data centre for more than 2 million servers. In this New Area, the fourth generation of the green industry park of Foxconn has been the first one that received a LEED Platinum Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council in China, the software industry magnates like IBM, Microsoft, and Inspur Group have been settled, and the crucial events like Big Data Industry Fair, Summit Forum of Mobile Intelligent Terminal, and the Forum for the Development of Industry Development between China and India have been successfully held.

The industry-wide system of Cloud, Channel and Client has emerged in the New Area. The big data industry achieved zero breakthrough in terms of the output value in 2015, and it’s expected that the value would amount to RMB30 billion in 2016. Gui’an New Area was the first nesting zone that had been approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for developing the big data industry at the national level and establishing the first set of green data centre across the country. In this Area, Foxconn has established and commissioned the green channel center and the data centre of Huawei has also settled a series of data projects.

Source: Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area