Gui'an New Area Advances Sponge City Construction

19 completed projects, 56 projects under construction, RMB3.156 billion investment completed

Ever since becoming a pilot area for national sponge city construction, the Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area​ says that Gui’an New Area has been adhering to the target of building an intensive and green landscape ecological new town integrating low-carbon and wisdom on the green track of new industrialization, urbanization, information-orientation, agricultural modernization and greenization for integrative development, and vigorously advances the sponge city construction for remarkable effects.

Reportedly, following the basic principle of “ecology first, and safety tops,” Gui’an New Area strictly safeguards the two bottom lines of development and ecology, takes the lead in adopting the low-impact development mode and sticks to it in the process of exploration, explores the new path of sponge city construction and fully advances it, and actively promotes all-area ecology by transforming the traditional rainwater treatment practice of building large pipes for fast removal into a new practice that the city will be divided into many “microcirculations” that “no ponding appears in when it rains little; no waterlogging when it rains heavily; where water quality improves; and where the heat island effect is mitigated,” following a city development mode deeply rooted in ecological civilization.

Gui’an New Area has also particularly drawn up the general planning of sponge city construction, specialized planning, design guidelines, and 35 control systems. The 35 control systems and the general planning, along with regulatory detailed planning, place vertical planning, water drainage and waterlogging prevention, a water system and green space system, have served as a unity to offer a scientific guide for the sponge city construction. It vigorously advances sponge buildings and residential area construction, sponge gardens and plaza construction, standard construction of city water removal and waterlogging prevention facilities, and 100 percent implementation of diversion of rain and sewage water. It will also accelerate sponge garden and green space construction, strengthen the protection towards waters — including swags, rivers and lakes, and wetland — and enhance the treatment of the river system.

The pilot projects of Gui’an New Area’s sponge city touch upon a wide variety of trades and areas in large quantity, each with unique features in great demand of capital. Therefore, Gui’an New Area vigorously explores and innovates the development modes of enterprization and market-based financing, and progressively promotes debt investment mode dominated by PPP pattern, and various direct funds investments to tackle the capital conundrum, thus presenting capital guarantee for Gui’an’s sponge city construction. 

With a predicted investment of RMB6.856 billion, Gui’an New Area altogether plans to construct 75 pilot projects for sponge city construction. Up to now, among all the 75 pilot projects, 19 have been built and 56 are under construction, completing an investment of RMB3.156 billion.

Source: Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area