Gui'an New Area, New Engine for Guizhou's Development

On 6 January, 2017, the State Council officially approved the establishment of Gui’an New Area of Guizhou Province. The approval of Gui’an New Area, as an important move of national strategic layout, has been considered as a symbolic incident for the in-depth implementation of develop-the-west strategy, and the catching-up exploration of less developed districts.

Horizontally, by means of development and opening up, Gui’an New Area will further promote the strategic domain of national economic development, becoming the “finishing touch” of the new round of develop-the-west strategy.

Vertically, by means of development and opening up, Gui’an New Area will further advance the scientific development of Guizhou Province, catch up with other districts, and become a moderately well-off society together with the rest China, serving as the important platform for Guizhou’s leaping development.

As the only new area at a national level, instead of urban built-up area, young as it is, it steadfastly caught up in accordance with national key strategies, promoted the implementation of national strategy, blazed new trails and tackled problems within three years, bringing about innovation and prosperity.

Shouldering the three major missions of constructing an important economic growth pole in western districts, an inland open economy ay new heights, and an ecological civilization demonstration area, Gui’an New Area meticulously fulfilled the decisions made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and the deployment of provincial Party Committee and provincial government, and strived toward the goal of “becoming the demonstration area for 5 new development ideas.” In the three years following its establishment, Gui’an New Area has made great progress on “shaping frameworks in one year, delivering effect in two and exhibiting new image in three,” becoming the new engine for Guizhou’s accelerated development, a brand-new showcase for the reform and opening up, a new model for the integration of urban and rural areas, and a new pacemaker of entrepreneurship and pioneering.

Looking back on the past three years, development has been guaranteed with both quality and benefits. The “two bottom lines” of development and ecology have been safeguarded, the “two big strategies” of poverty alleviation and big data have been promoted, the “two legs” of strength and weakness have been balanced, the “two dividends” of reform and opening-up have been shared, and the “four blending” of industry, city, scenery and culture have been interacted.

Looking back on the past three years, development has been secured with speed and momentum. In 2016, the GDP growth rate of the direct jurisdiction area of Gui’an New Area was 35% more than the previously three-year average, the net increase of fixed assets investment reached record high, and the public finance revenue doubled. The disposable income of urban and rural residents was respectively increased by 23% and 30%, the highest ever since the setup of the New Area. The newly increased registered capital was over three times the amount of the previous three-year total, and the main indicators exhibited sustained substantial growth.

Looking back on the past three years, development has turned trial into demonstration. The advanced “Gui’an idea” was practiced, the marvelous “Gui’an Speed” created, brand-new “Gui’an Image” established, enterprising “Gui’an Spirit” shaped. Gui’an New Area prioritizes formulations, urban facilities, industrial cultivation, features enhancing, ecology construction, urban-rural integration and innovation and opening up; establishes national big data industrial development nesting zone, national green data center, national innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base; and conducts national service trade innovation development pilot, national relative centralized power of administrative licensing pilot, national new-type urbanization pilot, national sponge city construction pilot and national beautiful countryside standardization pilot, developing as the new landmark rising in Guizhou Province.

Source: Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area