Gui'an New Area Relayed the Innovation China Event

Innovation China Gui'an Event & 2016 Gui'an Big Data Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum

Launched together by National Development and Reform Commission and China Association for Science and Technology, Innovation China Event aimed to spread the idea of double-innovation all across the nation and would tour about the 17 double-innovation demonstration bases, and therefore to stimulate the enthusiasm of double-innovation of the public. The Innovation China Gui'an Event & 2016 Gui'an Big Data Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum was held in Gui’an New Area of Guiyang on 20th September. The event themed “Converging Intelligent Technology into Middle-Guizhou and Constructing the Gui’an New Area through Digitization” focused on big data and innovation entrepreneurship. It convened 21 activities covering policy pronouncements, high-end forums, achievement exhibition and starting-up-business salon and invite tens of distinguished guests from different fields of economy, investment and big data. The event drilled down into the support, stimulation, and construction that brought about by big data to innovation entrepreneurship and further discussed the revolutionary value of the big data to the Green Leap of the area.

Approved by the State Council in 2014, Gui’an New Area of Guizhou turned to be the 8th national new area in China. At the same time, Guizhou decided to adopt the big data as a strategic option to catch up the developed countries and areas and started to march to Blue Ocean. Three factors of New Area, High-Tech, and Innovation connected and converged in Gui’an New Area, provided the double-innovation business with a platform of high starting point, stimulated the enthusiasm of innovation entrepreneurship all across the society, hugely pushed the local economy upward, and established the special Gui’an Mode of double-innovation. What’s more, Gui’an New Area was approved by the State Council in May to be one of the first set of double-innovation demonstration bases in China. Since then, the area has all the way explored the mode of “college town+college students+big data+entrepreneurship”, formulated a series of policies respond to double-innovation to support the college students starting business, tried its best to established double-innovation incubator, and actively introduced the leading team of double-innovation. Currently, the first big data double-innovation platform has already put into operation, among which 3,973 enterprises in college town were registered and more than 4,000 college students were enrolled, provided more than 20,000 jobs.

Source: Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area