Guian New District, the Development of Large Health Medicine Industry in the New District Achieved Remarkable Results

In accordance with the overall idea of building a large health pharmaceutical industry system, Guian New District will be based on regional resource advantages and industrial base, performing industrial layout around the "one park, one city, a base", focusing on the construction of a new pharmaceutical industry park, health medical city, medical equipment and medical materials industry base.

By 2017, the large health pharmaceutical industry factor aggregation capacity increased significantly in the new area. The industrial scale increased significantly. The formation of new pharmaceutical industry cluster has happened, and the characteristics of the industry pattern of incubation, trade logistics "two centers" and pharmaceutical production, medical equipment and medical materials industry, medical Health services, ecotourism health resort "four bases" has formed.

The construction of medical and health system is progressing smoothly

Tongji Guian Hospital, to speed up the progress, is expected to open operation in July 2017. Tongren Hospital Guian Branch will be officially starting construction next year; it will complete Ruikang hospital for the record, planning, environmental assessment, land acquisition and other procedures. Star Lake community health management center will further improve, has started construction work of health care service station in Gan River, Baimen placement community; disease prevention and control center, pre-site selection, project and other preliminary work in health supervision business space project construction has been completed.

The equalization of basic public services has been greatly improved

In the work, the new district has issued the "The basic public health service performance assessment scheme for the new district of Guian District", "Notice on regulating basic public health service project management by the health and population planning bureau of Guian New District Management Committee", and improved the "Emergency plan for public health emergencies in Guian District". A total of 105,563 people have established health records, with a filing rate of 86.6 percent.

The development of traditional Chinese medicine accelerated

In recent years, the new district has given full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine appropriate technology to prevent and treat common frequently-occurring disease and the function. All the government-run medical institutions carried out the appropriate technology of Chinese medicine. Village clinics are to provide more than 2 institutes to provide appropriate technology for more than 10 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine to promote and strengthen the construction of towns and townships regions; completed two business technology backbones to block release of the third class hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine in teacher training; and invested 400,000 yuan to construct Huchao health centre and Gaofeng health centre of Chinese medicine library, creating the atmosphere of Chinese medicine service.

Health service management capacity is increasing

In the work, the new district has developed the special training plan for public health service project in 2016. It has trained village health technical personnel (136 people), medical and health institutions service staff (189 people), the training content covering maternal health management, severe mental disorders, services of traditional Chinese medicine, public health emergency management, etc.

Healthy pockets are guaranteed

It cleared the patients with serious in the poor population, poor support staff, family planning "two" family members and other 11 categories of people for the health of poverty alleviation object in the poor people of book building in the rural village. The current population of the poor population is 2,131 in the new district, a total of 6,287 people. All is included in Local township hospitals to manage, to ensure coverage of 100%; integration of departmental resources achieved "basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance, medical assistance", triple medical security and "one-stop" real-time reporting services to solve the poor peoples' medical treatment concerns, and promote poverty alleviation. In 2016, health insurance personals have 138,608 in urban and rural residents; outpatient reimbursement have 275,523 people, including reimbursement amount of 10,244,300 yuan; hospital reimbursement has 13,251 person-time, including reimbursement 43.4469 million yuan. In 2016, annual raised serious illness insurance fund is about 3.5335 million Yuan; serious illness insurance should be compensated 3.4453 million yuan, compensation for 539 people; in the region, a total of 255 people (times) enjoyed medical assistance, issuing medical relief payments 0.95 million yuan, of which the poor people enjoy medical assistance about 31 people, medical aid funds issued 0.169 million yuan.

Source: Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area