Paint the City, Beautify the Area - Gui'an Explores and Constructs New-Type Urbanization Model

​​Located in the heart of central Guizhou economic zone, and as a fringe area of Guiyang City and Anshun City, Gui’an New Area is never the home to the numerous skyscrapers and bustling streets like other cities. What this emerging new city boasts are truly extraordinary: fields in the view, water in the trees, house in the forests, village in the pictures, garden in the hills and path in the green.

“Water”- centered construction

The high standard planning and construction of the New Area towards the “one loop, two rivers, and fourteen lakes” water system around city has gradually completed the comprehensive reconstruction and governance of Machang River, Chetian River and Maxian River.

The construction aims to focus on the “five systematic projects” including water resource which consists of closed forest for afforestation, ecological restoration, water resource protection and water conservation, water ecology, water environment, water security and water landscape by fully carrying out “river chef system” in the 7 important rivers within the area, and accelerate the promotion of “one water one charm” with “five districts, eight corridors and hundred gardens”, and “ten rivers, hundred lakes and thousand ponds” as the main point, activating all the 14 rivers, 131 lakes, 515 ponds and 219 underground springs.

Intersected, surrounded and connected by clear waters, the brand-new city will radiate more vigor and vitality by the waters’ caress.

Let “green” shine the development

With superior landscape resource endowment and abundant historical heritage, Gui’an New Area is emboldened to build demonstration area for ecological civilization. After all, Gui’an area was a blank sheet in the first place, and initiated the planning for ecological civilization construction by meticulous design and efficient comprehensive arrangement, making green a real development glamour.

For three years, following the idea of carefully “placing” city into nature, Gui’an New Area has vigorously advanced the “3-year battle for green Gui’an”, increasing over 200,000 mu of green areas, completing afforestation area of 42,000 mu, and investing RMB2.6 billion to construct a city road green gallery with a coverage of 10,000 mu and a length of 212km, 6% higher in its greening rate.

Integrating the landscape with the city

Currently, based on the requirements of “one mountain one taste”, “one mountain one view” and “one mountain one feature”, Gui’an New Area has initiated the green construction of 21,600 mu covering 88 available hilltops, with 3 models completed at the initial stage. With cautious lumbering, no lake filling, and less house demolition, Gui’an tries to present the residents and visitors with the mountains they want the see, the rivers they want to touch and the nostalgia they can feel. “A city of landscape-a garden city”, an ecological city model of landscape and pastoral charm has been shaped, distilling the homeland attachment into the modern dwellers.

Source: Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area