Thriving Big Data Information Industry in Gui'an New Area

Industry Scale Totals RMB26.077 Billion With 83% Year-on-Year Increase

In recent years, by closely focusing on the implementation of strategic movement of big data and the “Internet +” action plan, and taking the construction of national big data comprehensive pilot site as the target, Gui’an New Area has been sparing no efforts to facilitate the development of three commercial activity types of big data as core, relevant and derivative commercial activities.

The whole year of 2016 witnessed that Gui’an New Area has completed a total amount of RMB26.077 billion in the big data information industry scale with a year-on-year growth of 83%.

In Gui’am New Area, special attention has been paid to the infrastructure construction and priority given to the information infrastructure construction, especially for the construction of infrastructures as wireless WIFI, 4G network, broadband network and data center. 

Over the year of 2016, Gui’an New Area has completed an accumulated investment of RMB2.507 billion in information infrastructure, of which RMB2.326 billion were invested by telecom operation companies and RMB0.181 billion by non-basic telecom operation companies. 34 key projects have been proceeded orderly and the infrastructure framework has been basically formed.  

Gui’an New Area is fully devoted to the facilitation of industrial agglomeration by paying close heed to projects construction. The planning and locating of the Integrated Circuit Industrial Park has been advanced orderly, the construction of Gui’an Cloud Valley is pacing up, projects including Berg Big Data Town and Datapay Platform are being rapidly developed, Shanghai United Imaging Medical Imaging Bid Data Center and equipment manufacturing will soon be put into operation, and the integrated big data operation demonstration project of Beijing DZ and CZ has been put into operation. VR Town construction has been steadily promoted, with four major stadiums of VIVE stadium, industrial planning stadium, industry application stadium and rural tourism experience stadium already established.     

Clinging to the leading enterprises, Gui’an New Area is fully dedicated to the marketing activities for investment promotion. In various mega-events including 2016 Guizhou Cloud · Big Data Investment and Talents Attracting Promotion,  Gui’an Global Intelligent Terminal Innovation Summit · China Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Academician Forum 2016, 2016 International Forum of Green Data Center development, 2016 Virtual Reality Summit of Gui’an China, 70 odds projects with the total investment of over RMB40 billion have been contracted with well-known enterprises both at home and abroad on the spot. A series of hi-tech leading enterprises as Qualcomm, Alibaba Group, Huawei, Shanghai Berg, Hua Analysis Technology (shanghai) Co., Ltd, and Shenzhen Dashuju Computer Information Co., Ltd. have been successfully introduced to Gui’an New Area.  

In 2017, Gui’an New Area will vigorously carry out the big data ecosystem construction project, accelerate the Gui’an Cloud Valley project construction, activate the integrated circuit industrial park construction, pace up digital economic industrial park construction, and big data comprehensive bonded zone construction, as well as quicken the Alibaba big data processing base construction and practice talents training plan. It will vigorously promote the construction of phrase two project of China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile and data center, and Huawei global data center project.      

Source: Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area