Tourism Supply-Side Reform Boosts Gui'an's "Beauty Economy"

Overlooking Gui'an  10,000-mu cherry blossom garden

In March, the nearly 30-day blossom season in Gui’an cherry blossom garden nurtures 600,000 odd cherry blossom trees, all gorgeous and dazzling in bright color all over, instilling touches of glamour to Gui’an landscape. Over 10,000 valuable cherry blossom trees are competing for blossom like floating clouds and morning glow, quite a feast to the eyes.

As the ancient poem put it, “cherry blossom dance, in drizzle floats the dazzling fragrance”, the idyllic Gui’an is blessed with romance and aesthetics. “Cherry blossom dwarfs peach and plum, so dare to compete the east wind” Exhibits the glamourous dancing of the cherry blossoms in the warm breeze. The cherry blossom garden, a blessed beauty for Gui’an with its enchanting blossoms, serves as a wonderful destination for tourists to embrace the spring, satisfies them with an extremely romantic appointment, and caresses them with the intoxicating fragrance. Undoubtedly, the cherry blossom garden is an attractive business card for the tourism of Gui’an New Area in every way.

Gui’an cherry blossom garden, 36 km away from Guiyang, 48 km from Anshun, is located at the golden section ratio between Qingyan ancient town and Huangguoshu world-class golden travel line, supported by Hukun Expressway, Hukun High-speed Railway, Guikun Railway and Longdong Airport in transportation. In 2016, the cherry blossom season received 1 million tourists, achieving RMB200 million tourist revenue. With the improvement of infrastructure, package of tourist products and guidance of smart tourism system, this year the garden received an accumulated 565,000 tourists from 11 March to 26 March, with maximally about 200,000 tourists in a single day, reaching RMB140 million total tourist income. The continuously enhanced popularity and reputation of the cherry blossom garden has become a miniature to boost the tourism supply-side reform and “beauty economy” development of Gui’an New Area.

By deepening the implementation of key instructions from leaders of the Central Government in their inspection of Gui’an New Area, Gui’an New Area holds fast to the two bottom lines of development and ecology in accordance with the arrangements and deployment of “sparing no effort to establish upgraded mountainous tourism in Guizhou”by the provincial government, and promotes the development of five aspects with targeted strength including big data, ecology, tourism, health and university park, coordinating the three benefits of economic benefit, ecological benefit and social benefit with the integrated development of the primary and tertiary industry. By means of expanding gross supply, enhancing supply quality and optimizing supply structure, it can facilitate the development of “beauty economy”, accelerating the construction of the international leisure resort and blazing new trails for a comparatively well-off society without breaking the bottom lines.

Source: Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area


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