VR Industry Layout Springs Up in Gui'an New Area to Build a High-End Ecological Chain

VR Industry Layout Springs up in Gui'an New Area to Build a High-End Ecological Chain

Followed the step of Internet and intelligent mobile phone, VR came into people's life as a new technology which has been deemed as a game changer in the future society.  The year of 2016 was referred as the first year of VR, during which all kinds of VR products and equipment swarmed into the market. Many foreign Internet magnates like Facebook, Google, and Samsung, followed by the small and medium Internet enterprises at home and broad, battled over the opportunity one after another. The VR industry entrepreneurs sprung up like mushrooms.​

Gui'an New Area, as the first national New Area set foot in the field of virtual reality, seized the opportunity to actively organize a VR town with the layout of "111N" (one belt, one area, one park with N parts)and thus to be. The different parts undertook the different emphasis of the development of the industry, so as to achieve an industrial linkage and build a high-end ecological chain of VR industry.

Firstly, the VR Intelligent-Made Gallery, designed by the Area, will promote the production of VR tools and equipment by establishing the industrial park, electronic information industrial park, and Gui'an Integrated Free Trade Zone with the with high-end facilities and, at the same time, integrating with Machang Science and Technology Park and Huaxi University Town.

Secondly, the industrial belt surround the Gaofeng Mountain will develop rural tourism, ecological and healthy vacation, and VR experience based on the modern agriculture, and therefore to promote a tertiary-industry-dominated industrial structure. Villages would adopt different VR industry implantation based on their own cultural and natural environment.

Thirdly, the New Area strived to build a world-class VR industry cluster area and therefore to achieve a double-promotion on both the full-area tourism and new-pattern urbanization based on the technology of Internet+ and intelligent city. VR tourism, VR game, VR audio-vision, and VR education are the key industries of the VR Industrial Park. According to the Development Program on the VR Industry in Gui’an Area, the VR Industrial Park will do all it can to introduce at least 60 enterprises into the park up to 2019, creating about RMB1.3 billion of annual business income and 6,500 new jobs. 

Source: Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area